Hervet Randriamady is a Malagasy citizen who was born and raised in Antananarivo. He is an agricultural economist by training. After having obtained his BS in Economics at the University of Antananarivo in 2010, he received a Fulbright scholarship from the US Department of State in 2011 that allowed him to pursue a Masters of Science in Agricultural Economics at the University of Arkansas. In 2015, he attended the Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program at the University of California Berkeley and got a Certificate in Sustainable Environmental Management. Hervet is now a board member (Vice-Secretary) of Madagascar Health and Environmental Research (MAHERY).

Prior to joining MAHERY, Hervet worked as a consultant for the UN Refugee Agency for stateless persons who do not have citizenship in Madagascar. Since 2014, Hervet has been working with Dr. Golden and MAHERY. He has worked on research that aims to demonstrate the interdependencies amongst wildlife consumption, environmental changes and human health in the Makira Natural Park in northeastern Madagascar.

Since 2016, Hervet has been managing the databases for an unprecedented nutrition research project of MAHERY, the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (Department of Environmental Health) and Catholic Relief Services Madagascar that tries to understand the relationships amongst malnutrition, climate change and communicable and non-communicable diseases. The research project is conducted in four geographic regions of Madagascar and in 24 sites across the country - where malnutrition has detrimental impacts on the lives of Malagasy people. Hervet has also been the main liaison to government agencies and ministry officials to help the MAHERY team translate its findings to policy action. He is confident that MAHERY’s research findings from this ongoing research will help to revolutionize the way the government address malnutrition in Madagascar because of the invaluable data collected.

While not working, Hervet likes practicing photography, cooking spicy food, reading and travelling with his friends and family. He also likes mentoring and sharing his experiences with Malagasy students who want to pursue studies in the US or abroad.

Hervet Randriamady dia Malagasy teraka ary lehibe tao Antananarivo. Mpahay toekarana momba ny fambolena no fiofanana tena nataony. Noho ny vita ny fianarany teny Ankatso ka nahazoany ny marim-pahaizana "Maitrise es en Science Ecomonique" tamin"™ny taona 2010, dia nahazo vatsim-pianarana Fulbright avy amin"™ny Department of State izy ny taona 2011, izay nahafahany nanohy ny fianarana tany Amerika ary nahazoany ny marim-pahaizana "Masters of Science in Agricultural Economics" tao amin"™ny University of Arkansas. Tamin"™ny taona 2015 izy dia nararaka fiofanana momba ny tontolo iainana tany amin"™ny University of California, Berkeley, "Beahrs Environmental Leadership Program", izay nahazoany ny "Certificate in Sustainable Environmental Management". Hervet dia anisan"™ny mpikambana ao amin"™ny biraon"™i MAHERY.

Aloha ny naha mpikambana MAHERY azy dia niasa tamin"™ny tetikasan"™ny UN Refugee Agency ho an"™ireo olona tsy manana zom-pirenena eto Madagasikara i Hervet. Nanomboka tamin"™ny taona 2014 dia niara-niasa tamin"™i Dr. Golden sy MAHERY izy. Niasa tamin"™ny tetikasam-pikarohana momba ny fifandraisan"™ny fihinanana bibidia, ny fiovan"™ny tontolo iainana sy ny fahasalaman"™ny olona mipetraka manodidina ny valan-javaboarin"™i Makira any amin"™ny faritr"™avatratsinanan"™ny Madagasikara izy.

Nanomboka tamin"™ny taona 2016 dia nitantana ny antontan"™isa mikasika ny fikarohana izay niarahan"™i MAHERY, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (Department of Environmental Health) sy ny Catholic Relief Services Madagascar izay mikasika ny tsy fanjariantsakafo, ny fiovan"™ny toetry ny andro sy ny aretina izy. Ny tetikasam-pikarohana dia natao tamin"™ny faritra efatra eto Madagasikara, tamin"™ny taní na efatra amby roampolo 24 manerana ny Madagasikara. Ankoatra izay dia i Hervet no mifandray mivantana amin"™ireo sampan-draharaha eo amin"™ny fitondram-panjakana mba hafahany mizara ny voka-pikarohana ataon"™i MAHERY mba ho lasa paikady hampiarin"™ ny mpitondra firenena.

Rehefa tsy miasa i Hervet dia tia maka sary, na mahandro sakafo somary masiatsiaka, na mamaky boky, na mijery toerana hafa miaraka amin"™ireo namany sy ny havany. Izy ko dia tia mizara ny traikefany azony tany Amerika ho an"™ny ankizy manampikasana ny hanohy fianarana any Amerika na any ivelany.

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Madagascar Health and Environmental Research (MAHERY), founded by Chris Golden in 2004, examines the human health impacts of environmental change. Chris Golden Research
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