Andy Kim


My name is Andy Kim and I am currently a junior concentrating in the Bioinformatics track in Statistics, with a secondary in Integrative Biology. I have existing experience in public health research and have focused much of my college education on drawing connections between statistics and human health. I first became interested in planetary health over my sophomore summer, when I worked as a research assistant for Christopher Golden. This research involved working on nutritional intake data from fisheries in response to changing sea temperatures. Now, I plan to address my interest in planetary health through fieldwork, so that my team and I will procure our own original data for further analysis. Overall, I am most excited to utilize our own research findings in this fellowship program to help create and influence new policies, as the need for changes in environmental policy becomes more urgent.

Hakeem Angulu


My name is Hakeem Angulu, from Kingston, Jamaica. I am a freshman who currently plans to concentrate in Neurobiology, and get a secondary in African-American Studies. Nowadays, after I introduce my scholarly interests, I find myself adding a disclaimer: they are subject to change. I am wholeheartedly committed to the liberal arts experience, and I am very interested in trying a variety of fields in order to find the best fit for me. I have existing experience in biology, and more specifically, medicine, spending past summers doing biomedical research and interning with neurosurgeons back home. I have focused much of my educational experiences on my current career path, medicine, with this fellowship being my first real, and intensive, foray into planetary health. Growing up in Jamaica, I was acutely aware of the different priorities people had to set for themselves in order to survive, and to thrive in different environments. I spend a lot of my vacations and spare time doing community service at home, and abroad, having travelled to Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Each of these experiences taught me that people around the world find peace with themselves and their environments when they are treated with equity, care, and thoughtfulness. The aforementioned experiences piqued my interest in planetary health, although I did not have the vocabulary to properly define that interest until now. This fellowship will not only allow me to travel to new places, meet new people, and help tell their stories, but it will also teach me more about a potential passion of mine, and allow me to expand my horizons to include a more well-defined love of people and this planet.

Akshaya Annapragada


My name is Akshaya Annapragada and I am a freshman, likely concentrating in biomedical engineering with a secondary field in government. I have existing experience in biomedical research and the analysis of public policy. I have focused my educational experiences on science and engineering, with a special interest in the intersections of medicine, technology and policy. I first became interested in planetary health when I founded Cambiagua, a hybrid social- enterprise/technology start-up using solar power to deliver clean drinking water and off-grid water heating to vulnerable communities. Through this journey, I have become interested in

the relationship between sustainable living and community health. With this
fellowship program, I am most excited to gain experience in fieldwork and the translation of research into community and policy impact.

Sabrina Devereaux


My name is Sabrina Devereaux, and I am a junior at Harvard College studying Environmental Science and Public Policy. I became interested in planetary health at an early age through a passion for marine biology. I quickly realized that many of my favorite species were approaching extinction due to human action. I resolved that I would do my best to combat global marine exploitation. The issue is understandably complex, as fisheries regulation inevitably impacts the diet, livelihood, and culture of thousands if not millions of fishermen/women. Harvard has allowed me to take courses in government, law, economics, biology, and environmental science in order to understand all aspects of overfishing and international environmental policy. I am absolutely thrilled to be traveling to Madagascar with the Planetary Health Alliance fellowship, as it grants students the opportunity to experience the complexities of environmental protection we have studied in coursework. I hope conducting research on fisheries management and rural nutrition will inform my work on fisheries policies that are beneficial for both marine species and local populations.

Camille DeSisto


My name is Camille DeSisto and I am a sophomore concentrating in Integrative Biology. Through my work with the Harvard College Conservation Society, Environmental Action Committee, and Resource Efficiency Program, I work on conservation management and campus sustainability initiatives. I have primarily focused my educational experiences on conservation biology, of marine ecosystems in particular. I first became interested in planetary health through my passion for coastal wetlands. During my childhood and high school years, I developed a love for salt marshes and became fascinated with their beauty, ecological importance, and the role that they play in coastal livelihoods. This motivated me to work with Conservation International Suriname to implement the Ocean Health Index, which further inspired me to engage in conservation in an interdisciplinary manner. The challenge-based and hands-on nature of this fellowship program will empower me to learn and effect change in a powerful way. I am thrilled at the prospect of conducting research and engaging with communities and my peers to protect the planet and the people that inhabit it.

Christian Schatz


My name is Christian Schatz and I am a junior concentrating in Environmental Science and Public Policy. As a former English concentrator, I have spent much of my college career balancing my interests in the sciences and the humanities- resulting in experience with analytical writing and creative works as well as an understanding of the complexity of biology and chemistry. In facing illness as a teenager and growing up near the ocean in Southern California, I have always been struck by the deep relationship between human wellbeing and the natural world. Through planetary health I see the potential to explore this interconnection in a way that engages my experience in both the humanities and the sciences. For this reason, I am excited to bring my background of creativity and the humanities into the science of this fellowship program.

Zach Strecker


My name is Zach Strecker and I am a Junior concentrating in Cognitive Neuroscience. I have experience in laboratory research studying immunology, stem cells, and malaria and have focused much of my high school and college careers on community service and the study of medicine. My interest in international humanitarian-aid NGOs after graduation initially drew me to the fellowship, which offers an opportunity to provide health care in one of the most remote places on Earth, Madagascar. My work on red blood cell polymorphisms in Malagasy people alongside Dr. Golden furthered my interest in traveling to Madagascar to meet the people I have learned so much about. What excites me the most about this fellowship program is the opportunity to experience a culture, country, and ecosystem unlike any I've ever seen before while applying my own experience to improve the lives of others. I am honored and humbled to work with such an experienced and enthusiastic team and look forward to what will become of this project over the next year.

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